What is the difference between Synthetic Grass and Artificial Turf?

A: They are actually both the same product, with slight variations in blade length and spacing for different applications. Artificial Turf is the traditional term used for sports fields and commercial applications, whereas Synthetic Grass is a more commonly used label for residential applications.

What is Infill?

A: Infill is the material that is brushed into the artificial turf and surrounds the blades of grass after it is installed. Its function is to add softness, provide support and resiliency to the blades of grass, and its weight helps make your new faux grass immovable.

What if I have dogs that use the yard?

A: We have a Synthetic Dream Lawn that’s specific for pet situations. It does not brown, it’s completely pet safe, dogs cannot dig it up, it does not retain moisture and thus is odor free. You simply clean up the hard waste as usual and spray the spot with our enzyme concentrate. Depending on frequency of use and rainfall, you may choose to hose down the high usage areas from time to time as well.

What happens with my in ground sprinkler since I won’t need to water my Synthetic Grass?

A: The zone is left intact and functioning in case that line also services your shrubs and flowers . The sprinkler heads in the lawn area are removed and capped to protect the system. In some cases, the homeowner may choose to leave a few sprinklers active in order to occasionally “wash” the grass, such as when there are large or multiple dogs present. Other times, it just fun to have for your children!

Is my new Synthetic Grass going to create puddles or wet spots?

A: Absolutely not. In fact, this is the best solution for wet difficult areas. The webbing that holds the grass is perforated to allow water and rain to pass quickly through it. Additionally, we grade your property as part of our installation and establish a thin base of course sand under your new Eco Turf that allows water to run naturally to the lower points. If you have an existing in-ground drainage system, then we will pitch the grade to drain to those points.

How much time does is take for the installation process?

A: A typical installation for our Artificial Turf requires two days. The first day is to prepare the grounds, and the second is to install the new Synthetic Grass and secure it.

Is there Eco Grass for different applications?

A: Absolutely! We provide grass for several residential and commercial applications, including designing and installing your very own putting green for you. Our Eco friendly faux grass can also be installed over patios, concrete and even on balconies to create new space for you. Create a new look such as an English tea garden, or bring it indoors for a children’s play area.

What is the expected life of my new Synthetic Grass?

A: Your new grass has an Eight Year Warranty and a life expectancy of 15-20 years. Our installation is also guaranteed.

Is replacing my grass with this new generation of Synthetic Grass expensive?

A: Compared to what? Everyone agrees that having a picture perfect, hassle free lawn is Priceless! Your savings in water, maintenance and repairs typically pays for the installation within 4-5 years. For the next 10-15 years, you are literally putting money back in your pocket.

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