Certified Play Safe

Certified Play Safe

Certified Safe, Soft & Hypoallergenic

We use the same materials at your residence as we do for the large commercial playgrounds. Our Play Pro synthetic Playground Turf System has passed ASTM testing and is approved by the National Playground Safety Inspection board. It elegantly replaces traditional surfaces, like wood chips, rubber tile and sand, while exceeding safety standards and boosting impact ratings up to 8 feet and more.

Children’s safety and product durability are our main goals. Our polyethylene Playground Turf is remarkably lifelike, soft to play on, and resilient even under continuous use. The 2 1/8” thick (antimicrobial) padding under the turf helps protect your children from impact injuries. Our poly coated sand infill does not absorb liquids or odors, it is also antimicrobial and adds another layer of impact softness for young tumbling adventurers.

Our Play Pro system can be installed around existing play structures or prior to its installation. If both a natural looking space and child safety are important to you, then call us now for a free, no obligation price quote and a sample!

Safety and Durability

Our Synthetic Dream Lawns carry an 8 year manufacturer’s warranty and with its built in UV protection has a life expectancy of 15-20 years.

Soft Natural Texture

Children will love rolling around on our Play Pro synthetic turf. It is soft to the touch and easy on the skin. No more cuts and bruises at the playground.

Mud and Stain Free

Our turf drains at a rate of 27 inches of rain per hour per square yard. It’s always ready for play, even immediately after a rain storm. Kids stay clean and their clothes stain free.


Children that suffer from allergies will be happier and healthier as there are no more grass clippings or weeds with which to contend.

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